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Being a creative & struggling with mental health.

Have you ever felt like everything around you is crashing? Have you ever felt like you couldn’t stand yourself? Have you ever been surrounded by people but still felt absolutely alone? Have you ever been so heavily medicated that you end up sleeping only 1-3 hours a night for over a YEAR!!! Ever felt so overwhelmed by your own thoughts you literally just shut down? actually meltdown is probably a more appropriate term.

Unfortunately this is a more accurate depiction of how the last 5 years of my life has been vs what I post & what people may sometimes misconstrue as my everyday reality.

I’d love to say my life has been all plane rides, taking pictures & puppy cuddles but common, you & I both know, people generally only post their highlight reels.

The truth is, I had a brief moment in time that I really felt more sorry for the people I’d be leaving behind with a heavy heart rather than love myself enough to grow through what I was growing through. One word for that, SCARY!

If I had a magic wand & could fix one problem with the world, no trauma for anyone, no mental health issues. NONE, ZERO, ZILCH!!!! (Can’t blame a girl for wishing) because I really do believe it’s the root of pretty much ALL problems.

Lets face it, if you are human, you either deal with demons daily or know someone who does & If you just thought about it and happen to say no that isn’t the case, I urge you to stop living under a rock, read a book or two & book a therapy session baby.

I mean, even the cute characters on Winnie the Pooh have mental health issues. IYKYK.

I LOVED my therapy sessions & coming from a self proclaimed girl who’s “GOT THIS”, you do in fact need help. The problem is, to many of us think “I GOT THIS”


I got a little of track (thank you ADHD) but before I go… two things:

  • Social media is surface level. So don’t believe everything you see

  • You aren't alone

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