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Let's get personal

Hey, hi, hello


I'm tiff, a 34 year old, Leo/Leo/Scorpio, momma to two micro chihuahuas who's names are Lillian & Rue.


I love LOVE & enjoy spending my days photographing the wildly in love anywhere in the world. If I'm not outside, on an adventure with my besties or documenting love stories, you can find me reading in a hammock, fishing, eating, in a hot bath or enjoying a great cup of coffee enjoying some quiet time.


I am extremely empathetic & tend to wear my heart on my sleeve. I am a sucker for love stories & hearing about other peoples life journeys.

and f I haven't lost you yet...


a little more about the person behind the camera at photography by tee elle.

My friends & past clients describe me as fun, outgoing & extremely comfortable to be around, they would also describe my work as timeless & dreamy. As my client I want you to be your true authentic self. so lets skip all the small talk & get right to the nitty gritty of who you really are, so I can document & tell your story in a way that you can be cherish for years to come.

I am someone who deals with mental health issues, I'm a chronic pain suffer & I am neurodivergent. why am I telling you this? I simply want to be as open & vulnerable with all my clients as I expect them to be with me, so I'm pretty much an open book. I also look at those things as super powers rather then my struggles, so why not share with potential clients as well.


I have found In the last few years that nature is extremely healing &try to spend as much time as I can outside, exploring the world & enjoy amazing experiences with my people. I had to learn the hard way that your life can change in the blink of an eye. I was in my darkest days when I first started my photography journey. I digress, if you haven't left yet & want to read more, keep an eye out for my blogs.

do you hate small talk, appreciate the outdoors & love collecting memories over things? if so you are definitely in the right spot & I would love to chat with you more, become friends & create some epic memories together, all you have to do is send me a quick email

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